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Bec is an amazingly talented professional vocalist with many years of experience in the wedding and event industry. She has sung with the best of the best and elevates every event she is a part of with her absolutely beautiful voice.

Enjoy these videos of Bec singing with several of her favourite duo partners to get a feel for their style.

"Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis (Bec)

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Lauryn Hill (Bec & Simon)

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston (Bec & Simon)

"The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson (Tim)

"Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Rae (Bec & Oscar)

"My Girl" by The Temptations (Bec & Simon)

"Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac (Bec & Tim)

Multiple Song Medley (Stephen) - ("Kiss", "Bad Moon Rising","Dreams", "Black & Gold", "Layla")

Explore a collection of performance videos featuring Bec, a skilled vocalist based in Brisbane with extensive experience in weddings and events. Witness her musical versatility as she collaborates with different duo partners to deliver engaging performances. From soulful harmonies to acoustic serenades, these videos provide a genuine glimpse into the musical possibilities Bec can offer for your special occasion. Discover the perfect musical fit for your event by exploring these dynamic performances with Bec and her talented partners.

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