Planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard! And music has an amazing power to command the atmosphere of an event - lifting it up or bringing it down.

Allow us to provide the perfect musical backdrop for your special day, ensuring no music-less moments, so that you can put your mind on more important things (like getting married!).

Being an acoustic duo allows us to be versatile enough to cover the musical needs of your entire wedding (without breaking the bank!) - from the intimate and beautiful sound that you need for your ceremony, to the upbeat and lively atmosphere of your reception - with an added DJ option for those wanting to boogie long into the night.

Many wedding bands these days are 'collectives' of musicians paired together for just that day, often never having played together before.

We are a husband-wife duo that performs over 150 gigs a year predominantly weddings and corporate functions. So when you book us, you don't just get a couple of muso's, you get a true duo, singing and playing together as one!

Some Kind Words:

I fell in love with the Famos even before we started planning our wedding! So it was a dream come true to have them play such a special role in our wedding day. Sure, Kristen and Chelsea are incredibly talented musicians, but there is so much for to them then just their music. The feel they create, even through a screen is what drew me to them instantly, and I just knew they had to be a part of our special day. Their soothing voices, incredible harmonies and excellent song list create such a wonderfully romantic and intimate feel, which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. Add in their sense of humour and easy-going nature, and you have the perfect music duo! Both Kristen and Chelsea were also so very understanding and supportive in the lead up to the wedding. Not only in helping with song choices and the running of the day, but also navigating the challenges and uncertainty of 2020.

We really can’t thank you both enough for everything you did to create our dream wedding! We look forward to enjoying your music and presence at some of your upcoming gigs on the coast.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Christine and Lachlan