Planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard! And music has an amazing power to command the atmosphere of an event - lifting it up or bringing it down.

Allow us to provide the perfect musical backdrop for your special day, ensuring no music-less moments, so that you can put your mind on more important things (like getting married!).

Being an acoustic duo allows us to be versatile enough to cover the musical needs of your entire wedding (without breaking the bank!) - from the intimate and beautiful sound that you need for your ceremony, to the upbeat and lively atmosphere of your reception - with an added DJ option for those wanting to boogie long into the night.

Many wedding bands these days are 'collectives' of musicians paired together for just that day, often never having played together before.

We are a husband-wife duo that performs over 150 gigs a year predominantly weddings and corporate functions. So when you book us, you don't just get a couple of muso's, you get a true duo, singing and playing together as one!

Some Kind Words:

'Yesterday as I walked toward the ceremony I could hear music.

I honestly thought it was a recording until I turned around the corner to see these two special humans singing together. I was floored!


I crave to be inspired. I’m forever searching for something to fuel my love for music - I just wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by two wedding singers. Kristen and Chelsea (The Famo’s) are amazing!...


I can’t recommend these two exceptionally talented people enough.'



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