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Kristen and Chelsea, founders of The Famos & Co and the original Famo's Duo at wedding venue in Yandina


Hey there! We're Kristen & Chelsea Famularo, owners of The Famos & Co and the original 'Famo's Duo'. We love bringing together fantastic wedding singers and DJs with lovely couples who are planning their weddings.


We understand that most musicians are incredibly talented but may not possess the organizational skills required to plan a wedding. That's where we come in!


We bring a unique blend of musical expertise and wedding planning experience to bridge this gap and ensure that your special day is nothing short of perfect. With our help, talented musicians can focus on doing what they do best (playing music) while you, the couple, can relax knowing that your music is in capable hands.


Allow us to be your guide in finding the perfect musical backdrop for your special day.

How does it work?

We act as booking agent, planner, and coordinator for all things music to make the process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Pick an artist
Check out our selection of amazing artists, browse through their songlists and videos, and choose one that will suit the style and feel of your special day.

Step 2: Enquire about pricing and availability
We will get back to you as quickly as possible with availability and pricing for your preferred artists, answers to any questions, and some more information on how to book.

Step 3: Book it in
Once you've chosen your artist and package and confirmed availability, we send through an invoice for the booking fee, a contract, and a questionnaire to lock your artist in for your date and the deal is sealed.

Step 4: Plan
We work alongside you and your other vendors to sort out all the finer details such as power requirements for your musician's gear, location moves, timing of live sets that fit around your other formalities, song and playlist selection, etc.

Step 5: Get hitched!

Kristen and Chelsea founders of The Famos & Co kissing hugging


Get in touch to say hi! Send us your questions and concerns to see where we can help.

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