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Time To Dance

Many of our musicians prefer to do their own DJing but sometimes due to timing and availability we will have one of our experienced DJ's take over for the nigth after the live music side of things finishes.

Let's be real, the funnest part of the night is the dancing!

Our fun and professional DJ's Michael and Shane are masters at getting your dance floor going, giving you as much control of the night as you like!

Maybe you've already created a playlist and want them to choose from it, or maybe you want to leave it completely up to them, or a bit of both.

Whatever the case, they will work with you to make your night finish with a bang!


"Thanks to Shane, the dance floor went off! Not a bum left in their seat for the whole night!"

Stephen & Kayla

Kaylya_Stephen_luke middlemiss Photograp


"Michael was so fun! The dance floor was packed the whole night, we trusted Michael to pick all of the music and are so glad we did."

Isaac & Michelle


How Does It Work?

Your musician will have the DJ equipment and PA system all set up before the reception even begins so the transition from live performance to the DJ part of the night will be seamless.  

Once the First Dance/Parent Dance is all done, Michael or Shane will be ready to seamlessly fade into their DJ set.

It's as easy as that! No awkward silence! No clunky transition!

What Will They Play?

It is entirely up to you what level of control you'd like to have over what songs they actually play. Some couples choose to give us a list of suggestions or make their own Spotify playlists for the DJ to use as a guide to play those songs and anything similar as well as requests from guests on the night. Other couples prefer to have only their playlist played and for the DJ to not take any requests on the night. Other couples prefer to leave it entirely up to our experienced DJ's to use their expertise to cater to all ages in attendance and select songs based on whatever will work to get people up and dancing on the night.


Whatever you choose, they will happily cater to your wishes. ;)

What Is Their Style Like? Can I Hear A Sample?

Our DJ's style is not really the mashup/record-scratching kind where our DJ performs a "DJ Set" like you might find in a club but is more about nicely fading one song into each other and giving you as much control as you'd like when it comes to song selection. It is our experience that this style better caters to all ages and allows more guests at your wedding to have fun on the dancefloor than the "club" style of DJ. However, if you'd prefer more of a "club DJ" than a typical "wedding DJ" please let me know and we'd be happy to recommend some of that style. ;)

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