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Kristen & Chelsea (The original "Famo's Duo")

Here's the story of how we met, got hitched, and started a band...

Introduction to the Famo's

Introduction to the Famo's

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Kristen and Chelsea have been playing over 150 gigs every year as the Sunshine Coast's premier wedding & events band. As an acoustic duo, their especially synchronised harmonies set them apart as not just two musicians thrown together, but a true duo singing and playing as one.


Kristen was an Aussie boy from a musical family. Chelsea was an all-American girl from Colorado with no particular musical background. They met in New Zealand and quickly fell in love. The two began playing music together when they started making short YouTube videos for their family and friends.

They then moved to California to join US band, 'Brolly', and had some success while touring America after radio play on BBC Radio 1 and features in publications such as NME, Huffington Post, and GQ and play on TV Show 'The Shannara Chronicles'.

After 'Brolly', while happily married and living in Brisbane, Chelsea began

studying at uni and Kristen worked as an electrical apprentice, but they still loved playing music together. After one particularly long, hot day Kristen found himself up in another roof covered in sweat and wondering why on earth he was there when he could be playing music instead. The next day they decided to drop everything, move up to Noosa, and do what they loved - music.


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