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A 'Typical' Wedding Day With Live Music

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Many couples ask us what the timing of their wedding day will actually look like and how live music and DJing will fit into that. Here is an example run sheet for a ‘typical’ wedding day that shows how our ‘8 Hour Package' fits in (obviously your own special day will be different, but hopefully this will help give you an idea of what it may look like):

2:00pm - We arrive and begin unloading/setting up

3:00pm - We start playing the pre-ceremony set as your guests are arriving and taking their seats (this is when our package officially begins - when we start playing)

The Famo's Duo playing a gorgeous outdoor ceremony for a wedding in Cooroibah, QLD

3:30pm - Ceremony starts

  • A designated person, usually your celebrant, gives us 'the signal' that you're ready to go and we start playing a special song that you've picked out as you walk gracefully down the aisle. As you reach the altar we finish our chorus and slowly fade out as your celebrant takes the floor (they'll have their own mic/PA).

  • Your celebrant announces the signing of the registry. We start playing the next song you've chosen as you make things official (YAY!)

  • After you two say 'I do!' and go in for the big 'smooch', your celebrant will cue us, usually by introducing you as 'Mr. & Mrs. ....' and we play the 3rd song you've chosen as you walk out through the cheering crowd

A lovely couple on their way back down the aisle after tying the knot.

4:00pm - We put on some lovely background music on our battery-powered PA as we pack up and move our 'big' PA to the next location for canapés. Meanwhile you've headed off somewhere stunning for photos.

4:30pm - Your guests arrive at your canapés location as we start a live acoustic set (45 min). We read the crowd and generally play some of our more upbeat tunes to set the happy tone for the evening.

5:15pm - We put on some more sweet background tunes while we take a 15 minute break and begin moving our PA to your final reception location.

6:00pm - Your MC grabs everyone's attention for a welcome and some announcements, then introduces the happy couple (you!) which is our cue to play your special entrance song (usually an mp3) so that you can arrive in style. (Your MC is welcome to use our wireless microphone and high-end PA upon request free of charge)

6:15pm - Your caterer serves up dinner as we serve up another sweet acoustic set (45 minutes)

The Famo's Duo entertaining guests during dinner at a reception in Eumundi, QLD

7:30pm - Speech time! Your Dad starts things off with some slightly embarrassing stories and you start to wonder if you'll regret handing him a microphone but then he brings it all together at the end with an absolute tear-jerker of an anecdote. (Well done Dad!)

7:50pm - There were so many kind words to be said that we weren't sure if we'd even get time but we somehow steal our mic back and jump up for one final live set

8:30pm - We play your special first dance song as you demonstrate the proper way to cut a rug. Immediately after, we roll straight into your 'parents dance' song.

8:40pm - The rest of your guests join you on the dancefloor to boogie as we jump into DJing for the rest of the night.

Wedding guests dancing and partying with hands in the air on the dancefloor at reception in Eumundi

11:00pm - Music ends (usually as required by venue). And, of course, if the 8 hours of 'The Whole Shebang' still isn't enough for you and your crazy relatives you may absolutely add on extra time as you need for an additional charge.

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