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Top 5 Requested Ceremony Songs

Updated: Nov 20

Ceremonies are probably the most memorable part of your wedding day and live music has a wonderful power to create the perfect atmosphere as you walk down the aisle.

But picking a song for one of the most important moments of your life can be, well, difficult.

So to help you in your planning we have compiled our top 5 most requested songs for walking down the aisle!

1) Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis

(THE Classic ceremony song)

Our absolute favourite is the King himself, He's been gone for a long time (well some say he's still alive) but his songs definitely live on at wedding ceremonies.

We love this song, here's our version below.

2) All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar

Coming in at No. 2 is "All I Want Is You" most famously known from the movie "Juno". Are you after a song that most people sort of know but don't really know? This is the song for you.

Chelsea and I do a different, slower version (below). This was the first song we ever sang together and it's a personal favourite to play at ceremonies.

3) Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran

I'm guessing you've heard of him, I would think most wedding musicians would agree that Ed Sheeran is the most requested artist. He sure knows how to write a love song, so coming in at No. 3 is "Tenerife Sea".

We haven't got a video of us performing it so we will let the man himself do it.

4) La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf

We love when old songs make a come back. Originally written in French, this classic tune was recently sung by Lady Ga Ga in the blockbuster film "A Star is Born" which might explain its recent comeback. We do it in English because, well, we don't speak French.

Have a listen, below.

5) All I Have To Do is Dream - The Everly Brothers

We love to sing in harmony so who better to cover then the original harmony masters, The Everly Brothers. Here's a version we did a while back, if you look closely you can see that we were expecting a baby!

And there you have it! Those are our top 5 most requested ceremony songs.

For the bride and groom looking for a little something different, check out our song list.

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